Inside this issue:

Respiratory Disease Written by EDV – Dr Deryck Tan

Feeding the Senior Horse Written by Hygain – Dr Tania Cubitt

Australian Warmblood Written by The Australian Warmblood Association Ltd

Boost Your Dressage Scores with learning theory – Part 3 Written by Manuela McLean

Laterality & Straightness Written by Cristina Wilkins

Hindlimb Gait Abnormalities – locking patella& stringhalt Written by WestVets –  Dr Emily Mabbott

Resistance on the Rise Written by Dr Anne Beasley

Oats: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Written by Equine Vit & Min – Larissa Bilston

The Trouble with Cobalt Written by Dr Karen Richardson

Oh no! It’s a foot abscess Written by Andrew Bowe

Its All About Confidence Written by Sylia Gordon

Sonovet Equine Sports Therapy Written by SonoVet Equine Therapy – Beate Lantzsch

Defamation in the Age of Social Media Written by Priscilla Blackadder

Rider Profile Written by Pete Comisky

Herb – Cleavers Written by Hetty Tapper