Inside this Issue:

In-depth  Health with Equine Dental Vets – Metabolic Disease

Equine Metabolic Syndrome by Dr Kath Mitchell

Equine Cushings Disease by Dr Kath Mitchell

Hormone Associated Laminitis by Dr Luke Wells-Smith

Grazing Muzzle Dilemma by Justine Harrison

Colic Series part 3 by Kylie Schaff Written

Science Corner: Study shows good return to full performace after colic surgery

Hoof Care: Flares and Hoof Wall Separation by Andrew Bowe

Buying the Perfect Puppy Written by Rod Stephenson

Equine Accupuncture by Dr Donna McSweeny

Holistic Planning for Horse and Land Owners — Part 5 – Grazing Management by Mariette van den Berg

Breed Feature: The Australian Brumby Written by The Australian Brumby Association

Holidays with Horse and other pets!

Meet Dan Steers from Double Dan Horsemanship