Inside this Issue:

Major Feature – Body Condition  Written by Dr Jennifer stewart

 The Quarter Horse  Written by the AQHA

Canter leads  Written by Lindsay Vincent

Rein Tension  Written by Menke Steenberg & Lesley Hawson

Equine Scintigraphy  Written by Barney Fraser

Fact Sheet – Parasites in Horses Written by Cristina Wilkins

Fact Sheet – Skin Conditions Written by Craig Simon

Science in the Saddle: Peak Performance or just pressure  Written by Lisa Ashton

Feeding Fibre Written by Hygain

Transfer of passive immunity in foals Written by Katelyn McNicol – Westvets

A Matter of Breeding – By Ann Egan Written by Ann Egan

Pilates for Horses Part 2 – Stretching exercises to improve core stability  Written by Gillian Higgins

Trusted Magnesium supplement now  available in Australia  Written by Jo Wriggley

When a Horse needs shoes – Part 3 The Set Up  Written by Andrew Bowe

Hendra Vaccine and Liability Issues  Written by Greer Oliver

A Rescue Story Written by Renne Neubauer (Project Hope)

Bighead condition in horses Written by Hyfeeds

Herb – Meadowsweet – Written by Hetty Tapper