Inside this issue:

First Aid  Written by EDV – Olivia James

Fod Allergies  Written by Hygain

The Hanoverian  Written by the Hanoverian Society

Ideal Guy’s Track to Hack Story – Part 10 – The First Outing  Written by Alistair McLean

Standardbreds Unharnessed

The Equine Pain Face Written by Cristina Wilkins

A Smart Future for Saddlery  Written by Cristina Wilkins

Travel Sickness  Written by Westvets – Dr Tori McGuire

Why Classical Equitation is Scientific  Written by Nicki Stuart

A Jump Ahead – Part 5 – Problem Solving  Written by Jen Hamilton

Foal Hoof Management – Part 2 – Setting Foundations  Written by Andrew Bowe

How Half Halt Succeeded to Confuse the English Speaking World Written by Bert Hartog

Equine Positional Release and Limb Deformities in Foals Written by Zarna Carter

Argentina Awaits  Written by Dany Hancock

Breeding Your Dream Foal  Written by Priscilla Blackadder

Herb – Milk Thistle Written by Hetty Tapper