Inside this issue:

Equine Castration – A common and routine but significant operation Written by EDV – Dr Euan Laidlaw

Feeding Magnesium Written by Hygain – Dr Tania Cubitt

The Skyrian Horse Written by Alex Mullarky

Boost Your Dressage Scores with Learning Theory – Part 9 Engagement Written by Manuela McLean

Foaling Emergencies Written by WestVets – Dr Linda Dillenbeck

In The Line of Duty Written by Lauren Fraser

Lessons from the barehoof ‘rehab’ centre (Part 2 Trial by Laminitis) Written by Andrew Bowe

Effectiveness of Grazing Muzzles on Reducing Weight Written by Karen Richardson

Supplementation and Your Horse (advertorial) Written by Riverina Stockfeeds

10 Tips for Introducing Grazing Muzzles Written by Justine Harrison

Welfare Issue:  Leaving Halters On in the Field Written by Alex Mullarky

Rider Profile Written by Mindy Nguyen

Red Clover Written by Hetty Tapper