Inside this Issue:

Cover photo by Averil Crebbin – Picture the Moment Photography Written by Averil Crebbin

Tarcoola’s Legacy (Sharon May-Davis) Written by Alex Mullarky

Grass Farmers: November Tried and Tested Equicentral Layouts Written by Jane & Stuart Myers

Grass of month: Kikuyu Weed of month: Thistle Written by Cristina Wilkins

The Portable and Permanent Solution for your Property – Advertorial Written by H-Line Structures

Managing Pastures for Soil Health Written by Dr Mariette van den Berg

Water Trough Project Written by Cristina Wilkins

Dental Surgery and Extractions Written by EDV –  Dr Shannon Lee

Immunity: What is it and how does it work Written by Dr Geogina Learmonth

Hygain Nutrition Series: Lets Talk About Poo Written by Hygain – Clair Thunes

The Science of Selection Written by Jessica Whinfield

Influencing Horses: What Kind of Horse ‘Parent’ Are You? Written by Associate Prof. Kirrilly Thompson

Long-Reining: Part 2 An Alternative to Lungeing Written by Kate Fenner

Horse Facility (re)Design: Part 7 Written by Leonie Lee

The Journey to a More Confident You Written by Tanja Mitton

Thyme Written by Hetty Tapper

Respect Written by Dr David Stang

Green Pony : Finding the Balance Written by Jill Griffiths