Inside this Issue:

In-depth Health from Equine Dental Vets – Pregnancy Complications  Written by Elizabeth Woolsley Herbert and Simon Robinson

Broodmare Dental Health  Written by Shannon Lee

Feeding the Broodmare  Written by Clarissa Brown -Douglas

Training the Spooky Horse Written by Jody Hartstone and Nicolette Barrett

Holistic Planning for Horse and Land Owners – Part 3 – Land Planning  Written by Mariette van den Berg and Nick Huggins

Colic Series – part 2 Written by Kylie Schaaf

Science Corner: Get involved in equine research and help the fight against drug-resistant worms  Written by Anne Beasley

Foal Diarrhoea: Not Related to Mare’s Cycle  Written by Laiza Sherar

Hoof Care: Horses have Hooves  Written by Andrew Bowe

Equine Gait Analysis  Written by Christine Scully

Homeopathy for Horses Written by Saranyu Pearson

The Drum Horse Written by The Drum Horse Society

Meet Dressage Master Kyra Kyrklund Written by Kyra Kyrklund