Inside this issue:

Major Feature – EOTRH – Written by Dr Shannon Lee

Breed Feature – The Morgan – Written by Morgan Association

Feeding the Stud Mare – Written by Hygain

Ideal Guy’s Track to Hack Story – Part 8 – Written by Nicole Tassone

Raising the Orphan Foal –  by Gordan Rich and Amanda Warren-Smith

Double Trouble – twin pregnancies – Written by Katelyn McNicol

The secret of the Indirect Rein Aid – Written by Bert Hartog

A Jump Ahead  Part 3 – Written by Jen Hamilton

Phoenix Rising –  Written by Mike Becks

Horse Rescue – Written by Joanne Schoenwald

Equine Injuries of the neck and forelimb –  Written by Nicky Suckle

Managing Risk Around Horses –  (CBP Lawyer) Written by Ross Donaldson

Rider Profile –  Written by Claire Laycock

Herb – Peppermint Written by Hetty Tapper