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Horses and People Magazine March-April 2021


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Horses and People Magazine current print issue.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in evidence-based, ethical horse welfare, training and management.

Our mission is advancing One Welfare – finding solutions that benefit horses, people and the environment.

You get information and inspiration from an exceptional group of like-minded experts, horsemen and horsewomen on all fields of ethical horsemanship.

Inside this magazine you will find:

Front Cover Story: The Future in Good Hands featuring rider and breeder Tracey Gorick with her homebred Welsh Pony, Callanish Emrys, photographed by Louise Sedgman as part of The Sweet Teen Project, raising funds for Headspace Australia.

Equestrian culture and lifestyle:

  • Horses and People in Art: When Horses and Dogs Meet in Art; written by Dr Georgina Downey.
  • Horse People: Equestrians in Lockdown with Jessica Morton.

Sustainable horse management:

  • Equine Permaculture: Recovering from Bushfires Part 2: De-compacting Soils; written by Dr Mariette van den Berg.
  • Safety Report: Saddle Fit Guide; sponsored by Fitton HorseInsure

Health, research:

  • Impact of Birth Trauma on Performance and Welfare, Part 2: The Girthy Horse; by Dr Ian Bidstrup
  • Vaccinations, How do they work and what makes them safe?; written by Dr Euan Laidlaw

Evidence-based horse and rider training:

  • From the Experts: ‘Setting Good Ground Rules Part 7: Securing Your Horse’s Welfare’; written by Sophie Wyllie.
  • Horse Training Course: ‘Your Contribution is Already Giving Back’; written by Dr Kate Fenner and Prof. Paul McGreevey.

Sustainable Future for Horse Sports

  • A Kinder Horse World: What’s Your Virtue?; by Dr Kirrilly Thompson
  • Social Licence to Operate: We Can Do Hard Things; by Lisa Ashton
  • Rider Mindset: ‘It’s the Thought That Matters’; written by Tanja Mitton

Blogs and tips:

  • Herbal Sense: ‘Fenugreek’; compiled by Hetty Tapper.
  • Get the Show on the Road: ‘Bully Beef Patties’; Recipe by Peter Wolfe.
  • Herd in the Paddock Blog: ‘Saying Hello’; written by Jill Griffiths

This and more, in the Horses and People Magazine current print issue – March-April 2021!

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