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Horses and People Magazine May-June 2020


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Horses and People Magazine May-June 2020 print issue.

Keep up-to-date with the latest in equitation science research on horse welfare, training and horse management.

Our mission is solely focused on our responsibility to advocate for horse welfare because we believe that when you place the horse’s physical and mental well-being at the centre, your equestrian dreams fall into place.

With this in mind, and to deliver our objective, we team up with an exceptional group of like-minded horsemen and horsewomen to share information and inspiration on all fields of horsemanship.

Inside this magazine issue you will find:

Equestrian culture and lifestyle:

  • Horse People: ‘The Sweetest Projects’; written by Louise Sedgman.
  • Horses and People in Art: ‘My 70s Horse-mad Girlhood’; written by Dr Georgina Downey.
  • A World of Horses: ‘Stallion Majesty Part 2’; written by Rachel Flynn.

Sustainable horse management:

  • Property Management: ‘Horse Fencing Part 5: Laying Out the Fence Line’; written by Dr Carol Stephens.
  • Equine Permaculture: NEW SERIES! ‘Get to Know Your Grasses! written by Dr Mariette van den Berg.

Health, research and social licence to operate:

  • Healthy Horses: ‘The Modern Horse Chiropractor’; written by Dr Lena Clifford.
  • Whole of Horse Approach: ‘Horse Bit Fit: It’s About Comfort and Communication, Not Control’; written by Dr James Cooling.
  • Sustainable Horse Sports: ‘Data can Make Eventing as Safe as it can be, Here’s how’; written by Denzil O’Brien.
  • Science Corner: ‘Early Referral Gives Horses the Best Chance to Survive Colic’; written by Christa Lesté-Lasserre.
  • Science Corner: ‘Natural (Spontaneous) Weaning, The Latest Research’; written by Christa Lesté-Lasserre.
  • Alternative Approach: ‘Growing Your Horse’s Window of Tolerance’; written by Dr Kirrilly Thompson.

Evidence-based horse and rider training:

  • From the Experts: ‘Setting Good Ground Rules Part 2: Teaching Stop and Go’; written by Sophie Wyllie.
  • Horse Training Course: ‘The Pandemic ‘Pirouette’ – Teaching Learning and Staying Motivated in Lock-down’: written by Kate Fenner.
  • Rider Mindset: ‘In Every Crisis There is an Opportunity’; written by Tanja Mitton

Blogs and tips:

  • Herbal Sense: ‘Beech Bach Flower Essence’; compiled by Hetty Tapper.
  • Get the Show on the Road: ‘Camp-style Singapore Noodles with Canned Salmon’; Recipe by Peter Wolfe.
  • Green Pony Blog: ‘His Soreness is Real’; written by Jill Griffiths

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