Cristina Wilkins

North American Western Dressage offers virtual online shows to members

Western Dressage virtual competitions. Horse owners can show from the comfort of their own home with North American Western Dressage’s (NAWD) virtual competitions, where video footage of each performance is uploaded and judged remotely. NAWD is leading the way towards inclusive, fairer and more ethical training and competitions by wideningRead More →

Dressage horse learning theory. The training scale

The Equitation Science Training Scale. “If dressage is the highest expression of horse training, dressage judging should be a transparent and systematic system for de-constructing that training”. Horses and People Editor, Cristina Wilkins, speaks with Andrew McLean about his proposal to align the dressage judging system with evidence-based horse trainingRead More →

intermittent bleeding from the nostrils can be a symptom of Ethmoid Haematomas

Ethmoid Haematomas When a horse presents with persistent or intermittent haemorrhagic nasal discharge (bleeding from the nostrils) your vet may investigate for an uncommon but problematic ethmoid haematoma. So what is it? what causes it? and how can it be treated? Veterinarian, Sarah Van Dyk explains… Anatomy A part ofRead More →

Johno by Sue-Ellen Lovett

Mudgee born Sue-Ellen Lovett lives with husband Matthew on a property in Dubbo and is always accompanied by her guide dog.  Born in Mudgee, she continues to overcome the limitations of progressive blindness after being afflicted by the hereditary disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. Sue-Ellen doesn’t let her condition stop her achievingRead More →

In a race without whips there would still be a winner. Longer careers would help reduce slaughter. Slaughter of racehorses

A debate on the use of whips was a highlight of the 2010 Australian Veterinary Association (AVA) Annual Conference. Andrew Harding, CEO of the Australian Racing Board (ARB) and Dr Andrew McLean, from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) were invited to expose their views on this contentious topic.  TheRead More →