Cristina Wilkins

bushfires in the hills behind a herd of horses

As part of the horse industry and farming communities, many of us are wanting to help those affected by the Australian bushfires. Reports of rain during last week have been welcome but the falls were patchy and most areas face ongoing fire threats and evacuations, while many people are notRead More →

a bay horse lying down in a field, in lateral recumbency

Whether you ride horses or just admire them from afar, at some point you might have wondered how horses sleep. Maybe you saw a horse lying in a field and wondered if horses sleep lying down or standing up. If you have pets, you probably already know that the sleepRead More →

two horses stand as huge trees burn all around them in the 2020 Australian bushfires

Heartbreakingly, thousands of homes and farms in Australia have been destroyed or damaged by this summer’s devastating bushfires and in response, architects across the nation have put up their hands to help. Over 400 local architectural practices have signed up to Architects Assist to offer free design and planning servicesRead More →

Welts show as multifocal raised skin lesions in linear patterns that match the shape of the padded whip and the location of the whip strikes

Vow And Declare’s post-race whip welts contradict racing’s official line that padded whips don’t hurt. The welts show up on a number of images we have obtained, as a series of blisters (raised skin lesions), grouped into almost parallel linear patterns that match the site of the whip strikes heRead More →

A noseband that allows two adult fingers to fit between the nasal bones and the strap. ISES Position Statement on use of Nosebands

In light of the findings of several recent noseband-related studies, this 2019 position statement by the International Society for Equitation Science replaces a previous version (2012) and reflects additional scientific evidence of potential adverse effects of restrictive nosebands on horses. For the purpose of this position statement, a restrictive nosebandRead More →

Top five tips for a magic beach photoshoot

As an Australian Equine Photographer my mission is to capture timeless moments showing the love and connection between my clients and their equine, using our incredible countryside and spectacular rural estates. Creating beautiful photographs that tell a story is my passion. And in Australia, we have many unique environments onRead More →