Horserail fence with two three horses. Safe fencing for horses.

Keep Them Safe With Horserail

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Horserail by Duncan Equine Group

Horserail has long been recognized as the number one choice for horse fencing. When Ben Duncan first imported Horserail into Australia 25 years ago, little did he know how quickly its popularity would grow. After installing Horserail on his father’s horse stud in Western Australia, many others followed suit and now Horserail is proving to be Australia’s first choice for fencing.

Ben has over 30 years of hands-on horse experience with Thoroughbreds and racing and was born into a family with strong Thoroughbred ties. For over 10 years now he has been successfully breeding and racing his own Thoroughbreds along with his wife, Jo, who also has 30 years’ experience in the equine industry. With this hands-on experience, constant interaction with horses and horse safety front of mind, Ben has spent many years developing other horse safe products to complement the Horserail fencing system and provide horse owners Australia wide with a range of specifically designed horse safe gates and plastic posts. As these products have also gained in popularity the need for a change to the Horserail Australia business structure became apparent.

Duncan Equine Group is the new evolution of our business. While the name may have changed, the quality and supply of Horserail remains the same. Duncan Equine Group is comprised of the same people as Horserail Australia; the same values, the same quality products, the same superior customer service, all rolled into a new and exciting entity.

Duncan Equine Group remains the Australian suppliers of the Horserail product range and all its accessories.  In addition, we can supply you with Horse Safe Gates, Ezyends and rubber for your horse areas, stables and floats, non-chew plastic posts, steel posts and oval rail for end assembly constructions.  Having garnered extensive experience over 25 years of designing horse properties, we can also provide you with a complimentary, yet comprehensive, farm/paddock design service for your  Horserail installation.

Safe Fencing for Horses: Horse fencing has seen a great modernization over the last 20 years, with horse owners realizing that old fashioned wire and timber fencing really is not suitable for our beloved and easily startled animals.

It is easy to see why Horserail is the number one choice for keeping our horses safe. Its safety aspects, longevity and ease of use keep proving themselves again and again.

What makes Horserail different from other plastic products available is firstly it is made with UV stable polyethylene not PVC or vinyl.

Polyethylene is the same plastic used for water tanks. Designed to last in the harshest of weather conditions. Other products can start deteriorating within 12 months.

Horserail is molecularly bonded to the wire meaning it will not twist, stretch or sag. All of the ‘attachments’ have been designed specifically for use with Horserail. This adds to the safety as well as its ease of installation and aesthetics.

Horserail fencing has been researched and designed by horse people, with years of testing and developing new products all with safety as the number one focus. The ease of installation means you can save money by putting the rail up yourself. It really is that easy.

Horserail has proven again and again just how strong and safe it is. Continuous positive feedback from happy customers reporting horses lying with their legs up on the rail able to push themselves off without a mark. Newly purchased Thoroughbred yearlings running into the fence with only a little bit of hair off. A dressage horse spooked by dogs and being chased into the fence without a scratch. Foals sleeping with their head under the fence able to get themselves up without getting tangled. Trees falling on the fence simply removed with the chainsaw and the fence bounced straight back. Even cars losing control and crashing through the fence!

Duncan Equine Group are the suppliers of Horserail in Australia. We have been using and supplying Horserail for over 25 years now, and have been at the forefront of its continual evolution and development into the amazing group of products available today.

There is an option for every budget as we supply the full range of Rail as well as coated wires.

We offer free farm design and quote when you enquire about Horserail.

Duncan Equine Group is able to offer a one stop horse fence shop with plastic posts and specifically designed gates for horses. As well as steel, even screws for total fence construction. We also recommend and stock Nemteck Electric Fence units for a total horse fence package.

We have a fresh new website which offers in depth information on all our products as well as current news and information with Horserail.

We encourage you to look at Horserail fencing as an investment. Value adding to your property, as well as offering you peace of mind that you have made the right choice for keeping your horses safely fenced.

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