There’s a new supplement on the market, and we think you should know about it.

Green bananas are a powerhouse of nutritional and gut health value. They’ve been a staple diet in many human cultures and due to their very high content in dietary fibre, they have been successfully fed to horses across the world, for centuries.

Finally, all those wonderful health benefits have been made readily available to all horses by an innovative business in Queensland.

Banana Feeds Australia has developed ‘B-Complete™, Nature’s Green Banana Supplement’.

100% Australian owned, 100% Australian made, and a family business, Banana Feeds Australia has made waves within the equine supplement market in a truly short time.

They undertook countless rounds of analysis, pathology, and laboratory testing, to investigate amino acid profiles, sugar profiles and overall antioxidant capacity. They have worked with some of Australia’s leading Universities and their Equine Schools and were selected as participants into the Fight Food Waste CRC to continue to further research into equine health.

Banana Feeds Australia not only developed a fabulous and innovative new supplement for all equines, but since their inception (back in 2020, just prior to Covid restrictions coming into place), they have also sponsored many grass-roots clubs all over Australia, in what has been a very tough time for all.

A 100% natural supplement focused on equine gut health and overall well-being, B-COMPLETE™ has already done wonders for horse owners, and it is really no surprise.

Green bananas are high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, they are low in sugar and a major source of dietary fibre, also known as resistant starch.

Resistant starch is a prebiotic soluble starch. Unlike grain starch, resistant starch is not digested and turned into sugars in the small intestine, but instead, passes unchanged through to the hindgut, where it feeds the good bacteria.

B-COMPLETETM customers have been excited to share their results from a range of different disciplines including thoroughbred and harness racing, dressage, show, endurance, jumping, barrel racing, and hardworking stock horses.

Improved gut health is the primary benefit reported, leading to an improved overall temperament and wellbeing.

Emphasis on digestibility improvements, better feed utilisation, as well as improved stools during travel and stressful events are the common outcomes from the feedback we receive.

B-COMPLETETM customers have reported that horses who used to be very tough to tack-up, are now calm and at ease, suggesting a less sensitive or irritable gut.

Coat health is the obvious external indication of improved internal well-being, and customers have reported that the shine and dapples from feeding B-COMPLETE™ is like nothing they have seen before.

The natural prevalence of potassium, an electrolyte that supports cells in nerves, the heart, and other muscles, together with a high content of Vitamin B6, and the antioxidants dopamine and serotonin in green bananas, may also explain why customers are reporting their animals are calmer and more settled in all environments.

Banana Feeds Australia’s B-COMPLETETM is a patent protected product, consisting of whole dried green bananas, including the skin, the pulp, the stem and the flower ends, and nothing else! There are no fillers, no binders, just good, wholesome, natural green bananas!

Horse owners can be sure about what they are feeding their furry friends, as there is no complicated, confusing ingredients list for them to try and decipher.

Most importantly, thousands of customers have been overwhelmed by the range of improvements they are seeing.

Available from any fodder or produce store, who can order it in from our national distribution partners Australia Independent Rural Retailers (AIRR), Eastern Distributors and Natures Harvest (SA).



For remote or time poor customers, it is also available through our online store

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  • EQUINE GUT HEALTH: The health benefits that derive from supplementary feeding of dried green bananas are broad and include:
    • Green bananas have been shown to have antiulcerogenic properties.
    • The insoluble fibre act as pre-biotics to favour the nourishment of microflora in the gut (particularly the hindgut) to stabilise the microbiome.
    • This stability in the gut promotes immune competence allowing horses to counter bacterial, fungal, viral, or parasitic challenges whilst also improving digestion, feed utilisation and temperament.
  • GENERAL WELL-BEING: The active compounds like dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin, that are naturally present in green bananas, all act to calm the animal and promote a sense of well-being, helping to make the animal more relaxed and easier to manage.
  • ANTIOXIDANT CAPACITY: Green banana is recognised as antioxidant rich, with a wide spectrum of antioxidant compounds (phenolics, carotenoids, ascorbic acid or Vitamin C, tocopherols or Vitamin E, dopamine, flavonoids, norepinephrine) which are primarily located in the peel. All improve gut health.
  • All natural – 100% Australian made and owned.

Many customers have also started to add B-COMPLETETM into the diet of their favourite dogs, cats, and believe it or not Banana Feeds Australia have just released a new powdered product for our precious bees.

Their new bee powder called BEE-COMPLETE™ has exceeded all expectations of seasoned Australian apiarists and has improved the output and health of their bee colonies!!


There is comfort in knowing that if our beautiful, yet sensitive native and honeybees thrive on it, then this natural product will continue to improve the health of Horses and Bees of Australia for decades to come.