Human Mindset

Woman riding horse on the beach. we all start the year setting new goals

New Year Resolutions. Another year has finished and the new one has started already. Who’s been playing funny games with the clocks? We don’t get any younger but hopefully, we are getting a little bit wiser. For most of us, the new year comes with new plans, new goals andRead More →

Barrel Racer. Taking Action

Ok, here it goes, I am saying the ‘P’ word… Procrastination! How often do we know we have to do something but we don’t do it? Or on the contrary, how often do we know that we SHOULDN’T do something but we still do it? One is procrastinating and theRead More →

woman riding horse. developing focus

Developing Focus: We can ride with focus or we can ride while being distracted. The difference will be enormous. The distractions can come from your mind as well as from your environment. Here’s a three-step mindset strategy to help you developing focus. First step: The first step in improving yourRead More →

girl riding horse. Being good enough. external validation. public opinion and horse sport

Internal and external validation: Do you know when you are doing a good job or do you rely on others telling you that you are? In my experience, many riders don’t trust themselves and, therefore, keep looking and craving other people’s praise. This in itself is not a bad thing,Read More →

Girl riding bay horse on beach. Stop procrastinating, make it happen.

Stop Procrastinating, make it happen! Do you live on ‘some day island’ or do you live every day as if it is your last? Do you catch yourself procrastinating? Too many people are putting things off, waiting for the right time when they have what they think they need inRead More →