Help for Australian Bushfires.

As part of the horse industry and farming communities, many of us are wanting to help those affected by the Australian bushfires.

Reports of rain during last week have been welcome but the falls were patchy and most areas face ongoing fire threats and evacuations, while many people are not being allowed back into some areas.

Details are sketchy but one thing is certain, even when the fire situation improves, the recovery is going to take many years. If you have not been directly affected, you may be wanting to help. Here are some ways you can.

The main way to help at this time, is to donate money but we urge you to be careful choosing how to donate, as there have been many fake charity and donation sites springing up. Here are links to ‘fair dinkum’ donation points making a difference in affected areas today:


The Rural Fire Brigades Association Queensland Inc.

New South Wales Rural Fire Service

Victoria Country Fire Authority

South Australia Country Fire Service


The Australian Red Cross is on the ground and accepting donations for all bushfire affected areas.

The Salvation Army (The Salvos) or phone 13 72 58

St Vincent de Paul – Funds raised will be directed to bushfire relief in ACT, NSW, QLD, SA, and VIC.

Blaze Aid – Blaze Aid organise volunteers of all skill levels to head into affected areas when safe to rebuild fences. You can make donations and/or buy merchandise to help raise more.

Gippsland Emergency Relief Fund – Specifically set up for Gippsland Residents.

Bendigo Bank Victorian Bushfire Appeal

TO HELP HORSES (and livestock) AFFECTED:

Australian Veterinary Association – The Veterinary Benevolent Fund – veterinarians who are being called upon to assist and provide essential services, many pro-bono in nature.  (Watch the video to understand where the funds are going)

Farmhub – They have a list of different ways we can help, with links.

Buy a Bale – This is the best way to donate feed for horses and livestock, which is connected to Rural Aid’s $25M Disaster Recovery Appeal. You can make a donation or buy merchandise to help raise funds.

Pony Club Victoria (Go Fund Me page to rebuild affected Victorian Pony Clubs)


Wildlife Rescue (WIRES)

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) – Whilst their fund is focused on saving koalas from extinction, they have launched a global Australian Wildlife and Nature Recovery Fund to supply urgent care to wildlife organisations.


Once the fires have passed and businesses are re-opening, visit the fire ravaged townships. Shop and spend with them. “Go with Empty Eskys” campaign.


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