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Horse traceability is important for welfare

In a show of inter-discipline collaboration, Equestrian Victoria and Racing Australia have agreed to share horse traceability data and augment the numerous equine welfare initiatives implemented by the Australian Racing Industry. This data share agreement supports Equestrian Victoria’s Strategic Plan 2018-2022 pillar around Industry Leadership in Equine Welfare and willRead More →

whips ban at this summer's UK Racing League. Hands and Heels races

Jockeys will race under ‘hands and heels’ rules at this summer’s Racing League if organisers have their way. Whips may be carried but not used for ‘encouragement’. The Racing League, a new initiative of Championship Horse Racing, will be televised and take place across six consecutive Thursday evenings in JulyRead More →

bushfires in the hills behind a herd of horses. Help for Australian bushfires

Help for Australian Bushfires. As part of the horse industry and farming communities, many of us are wanting to help those affected by the Australian bushfires. Reports of rain during last week have been welcome but the falls were patchy and most areas face ongoing fire threats and evacuations, whileRead More →

two horses stand as huge trees burn all around them in the 2020 Australian bushfires. Architects offer free aid to bushfire victims

Architects offer free aid to bushfire victims Heartbreakingly, thousands of homes and farms in Australia have been destroyed or damaged by this summer’s devastating bushfires and in response, architects across the nation have put up their hands to help. Over 400 local architectural practices have signed up to Architects AssistRead More →

The Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ)

The Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ) The Equine Behaviour Assessment and Research Questionnaire (E-BARQ): Since ancient times, horse behaviour and the bond between horses and humans, have been a source of intrigue and fascination. The horse-lore that has accumulated over the centuries is a rich mix of bothRead More →

Woman doing ground work with horse. Western Dressage

Groundwork with goals, another sustainable innovation from North American Western Dressage The benefits of groundwork are becoming more and more apparent as horse owners—professionals and amateurs alike—discover that developing this partnership on the ground helps their horse become safer and more attentive.  Many of us have developed a ‘quick-check’ routineRead More →