Equine Guelph will be attending the third annual Best Horse Practices Summit at Pineland Farms in New Gloucester, Maine, United States, October 19 – 20, 2019. “We are looking forward to attending this evidence-based conference and networking with industry professionals sharing the same philosophies regarding the well-being of horses,” says Equine Guelph director Gayle Ecker.

The Summit aims to strengthen links between equine research and horsemanship circles by highlighting the practical and academic strategies that make horses’ lives better. Attendees will be in good company right from the start, with renowned equine behaviourist Stephen Budiansky delivering the keynote address. The author of The Nature of Horses likes to point out: “science is now beginning to allow the horse to tell its own story. And indeed I would argue that at this late date in the shared history of man and horse it is only the objective tools of science that can sort out what millenniums of tradition, lore, and wishful thinking have sometimes muddled.”

Equine Guelph shares this mission of separating myth from science so horse owners can make informed decisions regarding their horse’s health and welfare. “In addition to absorbing the abundance of information, Equine Guelph will have a spot on the trade show floor to showcase its powerful online learning programs including TheHorsePortal,” says Ecker. “We look forward to introducing our programs to this valued audience and welcome discussion from like-minded associations to develop future partnerships.”

Drop by the Equine Guelph booth for your special promotional discount card for one of our 12-week online courses and learn how your organization may offer online training by partnering with a world leader in online education. Conference attendees will have the opportunity to enter a raffle with prizes including our short online courses on TheHorsePortal.ca.

Check out the schedule and registration details for the highly anticipated Best Horse Practices Summit at https://www.besthorsepracticessummit.org/

 Conference keynote speaker, Stephen Budiansky is the author of The Nature of Horses: Exploring Equine Evolution Intelligence and Behavior .