Caring for Senior Horses

Caring for Senior Horses

Caring for senior horses: The Veterinary profession is learning a lot more about how to care for older horses in the areas of prevention AND cure. This fact sheet will give you an overview of the health care strategies that will give your ageing horse the best chance of living a longer, and what’s more important, a comfortable life of the highest quality.

Whilst younger horses have Mother Nature on their side, any neglect, no matter how subtle, will be revealed as your horse or pony ages. All of the health strategies mentioned need to start now, and the Equine Health Care boxes to tick include safe paddocks, a balanced safe diet, scientifically based worm control strategies, uncompromising foot care, regular veterinary health and dental exams, vaccination programs and regular exercise.

Providing a high standard of care for the hooved members of our family is a real team effort between yourself, your horse vet and your farrier. It requires commitment in both time and money, but haven’t these guys earned a right to be cared for just like family?

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Euthanasia is always the ultimate treatment when quality of life has diminished significantly, however making this determination is not that easy. Read more here about Letting go: Taking responsibility for end-of-life decisions.


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