Horse Welfare

Equitation Science Workshops an online event August 2020

Can sport horses be happy? The first ever Equitation Welfare Workshop took place on 1st & 2nd August and was attended by delegates from Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Canada, The Netherlands and Italy. Owing to COVID-19, this technology-driven, collaborative workshop was a ‘pivot’ from the originally planned ‘Happy Athlete’ conference proposedRead More →

Brumby welfare assessment that is evidence based

Brumby welfare If people would just leave brumbies, mustangs, and other free-roaming horses alone, they’d be able to live peaceful, happy lives with good welfare. Right? Maybe. Or maybe not. Judging the welfare of wild, free-roaming animals actually isn’t something scientists have had the means to do, until now. AustralianRead More →

Equitation Science Workshops an online event August 2020

Equitation Science Equitation Welfare Workshops: An online event ‘Agency and its effects on the sport horse’ with Dr Andrew McLean (Equitation Science International) is an online event that will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020. The workshop will serve as a warmup event for The HappyRead More →