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An example of Norman Thelwell's pony inspired comedy. pony stories

Today we’re exploring pony stories and humorous cartoons. Pony stories feed our obsessions and provide insight into the skills and ethics of horsemanship and horse care. Beautifully illustrated pony stories also stimulate an appreciation of art and an interest in drawing. Some pony books, the ones we are looking atRead More →

Four members of the Tasmanian Pony Club, Huntingfield, smile for the camera on their chesnut horses. Future proofing Pony Club

Pony Club Australia (PCA) recently celebrated its 80th birthday, but with the release of a new and updated syllabus that incorporates the latest, evidence-based knowledge in equine welfare and equitation, the institution is in no danger of becoming old fashioned or irrelevant. Future Proofing Pony Club. With over 23,000 ridersRead More →

Woman riding horse on the beach. we all start the year setting new goals

New Year Resolutions. Another year has finished and the new one has started already. Who’s been playing funny games with the clocks? We don’t get any younger but hopefully, we are getting a little bit wiser. For most of us, the new year comes with new plans, new goals andRead More →

Breakfast Bean Pasties

Breakfast Bean Pasties We have it on good authority, that Peter’s Breakfast Bean Pasties recipe below is one of the Australian Trail Horse riders’ favourite breakfasts. Not only are they delicious, they are high in protein and they keep the riders energised until lunch time. They also travel well andRead More →

A man and a woman leading a horse walk away giving a feeling of relaxed mindfulness. horse riding benefits. Benefits of being around horses.

Benefits of being around horses. Therapeutic riding is a well-established and highly regarded equine-assisted activity for helping people with physical disabilities. Horses are also becoming increasingly recognised for their beneficial role in interventions designed to improve mental health and wellbeing, especially in relation to PTSD and other forms of trauma.Read More →

Alistair McLean of the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre with the retired Standardbred Ideal Guy, rehoming retraining the standardbred racehorse. Consolidating the Basics

Consolidating the Basics Welcome to Part Five of the Unharnessed Potential project, an education and awareness campaign to promote the re-training and re-homing of Standardbreds that retire from racing.  In this article series, Alistair McLean from the Australian Equine Behaviour Centre (AEBC) is documenting the re-training of ‘Ideal Guy’ (a.k.aRead More →

Top five tips for a magic beach photoshoot

Beach Photoshoot As an Australian Equine Photographer my mission is to capture timeless moments showing the love and connection between my clients and their equine, using our incredible countryside and spectacular rural estates. Creating beautiful photographs that tell a story is my passion. And in Australia, we have many uniqueRead More →