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Ang Lea is an Australian Equine Bowen Therapist

It had been nine weeks since Cienna had dislocated her shoulder, but when Ang Lea of Horse Fix was called in, the mare was still hobbling on three legs. On top of that, the adjustment in how she was carrying herself was causing secondary problems in her hind end. Cienna’sRead More →

Jane and Stuart Myers outside their Queensland Home. Equicentral. The Horse Riders Mechanic, Equicentral It starts with knowledge

“Responsible, sustainable and ethical horse ownership starts with knowledge,” proclaims the official website of Equiculture – a term that encapsulates so much.  Jane and Stuart Myers’ business covers everything from land management to horse welfare and rider biomechanics. Before even meeting the couple, it’s clear from their range of books,Read More →

The Bowe Family, Home, Family, Healing Horses

Most readers of Horses and People will be familiar with the Barefoot Blacksmith, Andrew Bowe, whose stories from the Mayfield Rehabilitation Centre can often be found in this magazine’s pages.  What some may not realise is that Andrew is just one half of the husband-and-wife team who have built theRead More →

Barrel racer wearing a helmet and riding her horse around barrel. Recognising concussion.

Recognising Concussion: Concussion in any sport is common and presents a significant public health issue, yet it remains poorly understood and is frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. So what do riders need to know? Recognizing concussion is the first step.  Equestrian sports present one of the highest risks for concussion whenRead More →