A woman running with her horse at liberty

The term ‘agency’ is commonplace in human-animal studies and was featured in public debate via ‘The Equitation Welfare Workshop’. The event gave practitioners, equitation science researchers, vets and therapists from around the world a chance to openly discuss agency and the sport horse. But what is agency and how doesRead More →

Black horse trotting while rider tests for self-carriage

What do you picture when you think about ‘self-carriage’? Many of us picture a horse, perhaps in a dressage arena, travelling in a certain outline and maintaining gait and direction. In this article, however, I am going to discuss why self-carriage has a much wider definition and how important itRead More →

The 2019 Melbourne Cup finish was hotly contested and has raised more questions about the use of the whip in racing.

The horse racing whip debate just got harder… The Melbourne Cup is upon us. This year will be different due to COVID-19 — but one thing we don’t expect to change is concern about horses’ welfare, which seems to resurface each year. Just days before the Cup, Victoria’s parliament hasRead More →

Mare and foal

Abortions and premature births can happen when pregnant mares are accidentally exposed to some types of hairy caterpillar. In this article, Equine Reproduction Specialist Dr John Chopin shares a case that could have ended in tragedy but resulted in a healthy foal thanks to their early intervention. Take home message:Read More →

Johno by Sue-Ellen Lovett

Mudgee born Sue-Ellen Lovett lives with husband Matthew on a property in Dubbo and is always accompanied by her guide dog.  Born in Mudgee, she continues to overcome the limitations of progressive blindness after being afflicted by the hereditary disease Retinitis Pigmentosa. Sue-Ellen doesn’t let her condition stop her achievingRead More →