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Benefits of being around horses: Horses can play a beneficial role in improving mental health and wellbeing, but they can also offer more.

Benefits of being around horses. Therapeutic riding is a well-established and highly regarded equine-assisted activity for helping people with physical disabilities. Horses are also becoming increasingly recognised for their beneficial role in interventions designed to improve mental health and wellbeing, especially in relation to PTSD and other forms of trauma.Read More →

Rider Balance. The effect of horse rider weight being measured with a saddle pressure pad. Horse rider weight gain.

Rider balance. If you were an imbalanced rider, wouldn’t you notice that? Not necessarily, scientists say. People usually feel their own natural asymmetry as symmetrical. Their horses, however, would notice—managing uneven weight across their backs which might even make them compensate by becoming asymmetrical themselves. “For the welfare of theRead More →

horse-human interactions. Safety in the horse industry

Safety in the Horse Industry. Every year, 20 Australians lose their lives to horse-related incidents, and hundreds more are hospitalized. But according to an industrial safety risk management specialist, it doesn’t have to be that way. If people in the horse industry followed the example of other high-risk industries andRead More →

girl riding horse. Being good enough. external validation. public opinion and horse sport

Internal and external validation: Do you know when you are doing a good job or do you rely on others telling you that you are? In my experience, many riders don’t trust themselves and, therefore, keep looking and craving other people’s praise. This in itself is not a bad thing,Read More →

Barrel racer wearing a helmet and riding her horse around barrel. Recognising concussion.

Recognising Concussion: Concussion in any sport is common and presents a significant public health issue, yet it remains poorly understood and is frequently undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. So what do riders need to know? Recognizing concussion is the first step.  Equestrian sports present one of the highest risks for concussion whenRead More →