The Equestrian Coach Challenge

EquiCoach Lisa Ashton has launched the Equestrian Coach Challenge to support professionals through the coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus crisis is creating huge problems, but it’s also opening opportunities for us to focus on connecting with what really matters and embracing the opportunity to lead.

A leader who believes in turning a crisis into an opportunity for meaningful change is the EquiCoach, Lisa Ashton.  An equitation science coach and mindset coach based in the United Kingdom, Lisa has been, for the last two years, building a connected community that thrives on curiosity and encourages us to “be the change our horses need”. Now she is coming up with new initiatives to expand the connection and support professionals and horse lovers need to ride this through and come out stronger.

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It is not surprising to see Lisa quickly pivot to turn this current crisis into an opportunity to expand her connections and support more people, by offering a new range of initiatives that will help these changes we are making become a better future for ourselves, our communities, our horses and the horse sports we love.

Already ahead of her time, Lisa’s landscape is all about connecting people on- and off-line. While she coaches in the field, she also embraces technology, using Zoom for coaching, webinars, interviews and meetings, and running two separate Facebook communities – the free access Coffee With Horse Lovers and her mastermind subscription group, Espresso With Equicoach.

Throughout April and starting on Monday April 6th, Lisa is launching the Equestrian Coach Challenge, a four-week (20 x 1 hr sessions) program designed specifically for coaches but made accessible to anyone who wants to come out from the COVID-19 crisis stronger.

The challenge is using this time of restriction and uncertainty to get close and personal with the framework of horse sports’ social licence to operate and learn to navigate the social media landscape with more confidence. The comprehensive program is packed with information, tools and resources to help you become an influencing and socially responsible equestrian coach.

In just one hour a day (weekdays) on Zoom over four weeks, Lisa will provide you the resources you need to feel comfortable in a social media landscape and show ways to improve your legitimacy, transparency, communication and public trust.

From helping you assess lightness to turning mistakes into wins, from how to show up on social media to the how-to of running digital training for your clients.

By the end of the challenge you will be ready mentally and practically to work online and give your clients exactly what they need right now, YOU.

You can also join the challenge if you are not a coach! Just say on joining. We are all in this together and this challenge is inclusive of everyone.

The course will run over 4 weeks (20 x 1 hr sessions in a small group) and costs just £50.

However, there’s a special offer for those who know they need this challenge and are struggling to make this contribution, please email to discuss and look at other options. Thank you for your support.

All you need to do right now is click here to join.

Watch my interview with Lisa Ashton, where we discuss the coronavirus situation, the challenges and her ideas for improving our connection and coming out stronger.


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