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intermittent bleeding from the nostrils can be a symptom of Ethmoid Hematomas

When a horse presents with persistent or intermittent haemorrhagic nasal discharge (bleeding from the nostrils) your vet may investigate for an uncommon but problematic ethmoid haematoma. So what is it? what causes it? and how can it be treated? Veterinarian, Sarah Van Dyk explains… Anatomy A part of the horse’sRead More →

Greasy Heal, Mud Fever

Greasy Heel, also known as Mud Fever, Swamp Fever, Mud Rash or Cracked Heels, is a descriptive term, not a diagnosis. Although it’s a relatively common presentation, horse owners tend to underestimate how complex this skin disorder may be, particularly in chronic cases. From minor infections to chronic granulomatous lesions,Read More →

Horse standing in mud. Why does my horse get scabby legs when it's wet?

A common problem seen when we have rain. Lets see what our 4 experts have to say about it. by Dr Craig Simon BVSc, All Horses Vet Services The skin normally provides a protective barrier to the body, but if this barrier is broken, infection can occur resulting in scabby andRead More →

Strangles is a contagious disease of horses caused by the bacterium Streptococcus equi. Typical signs include fever, loss of appetite, soft cough, purulent nasal discharge and swollen lymph nodes of the face, which may often abscessate and burst. The swollen glands can restrict the airways – hence the name “Strangles”.Read More →