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Stereotypies, or stable vices, need to be recognised as the horse's coping mechanism, induced by frustration and brain dysfunction

In this article, Dr Rachel O’Higgins examines the current understanding of stereotypies – a group of behaviours which are commonly referred to as ‘stable vices’.  As Dr O’Higgins explains, horse owners must change the way they think about stereotypies; instead of being offensive, they need to be recognised as aRead More →

horse bit and bridle fit

Horse Bit and Bridle – As horse owners, we have a responsibility to ensure the well being of our horses. Every time you ride, your position, posture and aids have a direct impact on your horse. But, how can you successfully communicate with your horse if your tack is creatingRead More →

Selecting and fitting bits can be confusing

Flip the Lip: Bits and Bitting Demystified If you want a topic to spark a conversation, generate some controversy or perhaps motivate someone to produce the collection of bits they’ve bought and tried over the years, then this is certainly it…  Whilst I make no claims to be an expertRead More →