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Equitation Welfare Workshops: An online event

‘Agency and its effects on the sport horse’ with Dr Andrew McLean (Equitation Science International) is an online event that will take place on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd August 2020.

The workshop will serve as a warmup event for The Happy Athlete Conference which has been postponed until 2021 due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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The brainchild of Equicoach Lisa Ashton, the Equitation Welfare Workshop’s programme will allow participants to delve into positive mental states and how we can facilitate those in a sport horse context.

As our understanding of horse welfare evolves, more emphasis is being placed on the horses’ experience – how they feel about our management, training and all our interactions.

After decades focusing on minimising the negative impacts of domestication, equitation and welfare scientists have set their sights on positive welfare – providing all captive animals with opportunities to have positive experiences.

Dr Andrew Mclean will present the most recent advances in equitation welfare and the workshops will allow you to contribute to its evolution and implementation in practice.

Horses and People magazine will be reporting on the event.

Hosted by Reaseheath College, the event will be delivered online using Zoom and feature breakout rooms so participants can fully engage with collaborating in small teams with other horse lovers.

Numbers are strictly limited to just 30 per day and the cost is £50 per workshop.

When you buy your ticket you will have the opportunity to select your preference to collaborate with other coaches, veterinarians, therapists, breeders or riders.

At the end, you will have been part of creating an eBook titled ‘Equitation Welfare: Agency & The Sport Horse’ aimed at helping more horse lovers find ways to facilitate a good life for their horses, not just one worth living.

Tickets are limited and will be on sale soon.

To find out more join the Facebook Group and stay tuned for tickets so you don’t miss out.

Knowledge – Creation – Collaboration

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